Trading Policies

Minimum order £650 + VAT for UK Mainland. £850 + VAT Northern Ireland, Eire and Channel . No order will be accepted if below these amounts




All goods are supplied by Artko Limited (the “Seller) registered office The Birches, Park Road, Dukinfield, Cheshire.  SK16 5LP to you (the “Buyer) on the following terms and no person in the employment of the Seller or acting or purporting to act as its agent has any authority to supply goods or to accept orders for goods on any other terms or to vary them in any way whatsoever. Acceptance of the goods by the Buyer shall be conclusive proof before any Court that these terms apply to that contract for the sales of goods.


 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Artko the terms of payment shall be:

  1. Where agreed by Artko prior to delivery, credit terms are 30 days following the date of invoice.
  2. Artko reserve the right to charge 2% per month on invoices outstanding outside the above credit terms.


 Notwithstanding that credit may have been given for the payment of the price of goods the intending purchaser agrees that:

  1. The goods shall remain the sole property of Artko Ltd as both legal and equitable owner until such time as the intending purchaser shall have paid to the Seller the agreed price
  2. He will keep the goods insured to their full replacement value against loss or damage with some reputable insurance company and will provide the Seller with evidence of such insurance upon their request
  3. The Seller may at any time for the purpose of recovery of its goods in the event of the intending purchaser entering into liquidation or becoming bankrupt or having a winding up order made against him or having a Receiver appointed in respect of his assets or for whatever reason enter upon the premises where they are stored or where they are reasonably thought to be stored and may repossess the same.
  4. All display Units and Fixtures supplied, and not charged to the Purchaser by the Seller remains the property of the Seller and are for the sole use of displaying the Seller’s goods. Where the Purchaser is found using the display units for any other purchases, the Seller reserves the right to collect the units and all reasonable costs incurred in this will be payable by the Purchaser.


  1. All goods shall have been agreed and the cost of packing and any form of transport shall be agreed prior to delivery.
  2. All goods must be inspected immediately on arrival; under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for damage to or from a consignment unless the Seller is notified within three days of receipt of the goods or in the case of non-delivery unless notice is given within seven days of
    the due date of arrival.
  3. Minimum order U.K. Mainland £650.  Northern Ireland, Eire and Channel Isles £850. An import cost of £50 is applicable to all Southern Ireland orders.  
  4. All overseas orders will be subject to a minimum value of £850 and will be ex works.


 The Seller reserves the right to cancel any order if after acceptance the goods set aside for such order are destroyed or damaged beyond repair and cannot be replaced.  No order may be cancelled by the intending purchaser without the written consent of the Seller.


 All copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in the material and goods supplied by the Seller remain the vested in Seller. All items that are not the copyright of the Purchaser but are supplied by the Purchaser with the full agreed permission of the original copyright owners remain vested in the original property owners. The Purchaser is permitted to use the goods for retail purpose only unless specifically agreed in writing by the Seller.


  1.  The seller will not supply Purchasers who sell exclusively on the World Wide Web
  2. Where a Seller has a high street retail business with an associated internet presence, the Seller must agree any sales offering on that internet site with the Purchaser in advance
  3. The Purchaser is not permitted to offer for sale any goods supplied by the Seller to any company or organization for ongoing sale of the goods on the Internet. i.e. Amazon  


 Please follow below procedure for items that need to be returned to Artko Ltd.

  • All returns must be reported to Sales by telephone / fax / e-mail within three days, with reason for return. Do not report to the sales agents as returns can only be authorised by Sales.
  • On receipt of consignment if boxes/packages are noticeably damaged please sign on collection as damaged. This assists our follow up with the carrier company.
  • No goods will be accepted for return unless pre-authorised by our sales office.
  • All damages MUST be packaged securely, preferably in the original packaging with the removal of the delivery label. 
  • All pictures must be individually and securely wrapped, ensuring the box is tightly packed to reduce the risk of further damage in transit.
  • The original packaging is not required as long as the damaged goods are boxed up, any box is acceptable. Please advise our Sales Department in the first instance if this cannot be done.
  • The maximum weight of each box cannot exceed 18kg.
  • Goods will be collected by carrier.
  • Credit notes will be raised following satisfactory inspection on return of the goods.

 If you require any further information on the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Thank you for your assistance.


Artko Human Rights Policy

Artko Limited respects and supports the dignity, wellbeing and human rights of our employees, the workers in our extended supply chain, the communities in which we live and those affected by our operations. 

Artko is committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights in line with the principles and guidance contained in the United Nation (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  We recognise that while states have a duty to protect human rights, companies have a responsibility to respect human rights.  This means acting with due diligence to avoid infringing on the rights of others and addressing the adverse impacts of our operations.

We believe respecting human rights is of growing importance to our employees, customers and the communities where we operate.  There is both a business and a moral case for ensuring that human rights are upheld across our operations and our supply chain.  As part of this commitment Artko does not tolerate threats, intimidation, physical or legal attacks against human rights defenders, including those exercising their rights to freedom of expression, association, peaceful assembly and protest against our operations and we expect our suppliers to make the same public commitment.

Artko has policies and processes in place to identify, prevent or mitigate human rights risks.

Through appropriate contractual arrangements we make our suppliers, ie those with whom we have a direct contract for goods or services aware of and expect their compliance with our human rights commitments. 

We will not tolerate, nor will we condone abuse of human rights within any part of our business or supply chains, and we will take seriously any allegations that human rights are not properly respected.  We place importance on the provision of effective remedy wherever human rights impacts occur through company-based grievance procedures.

We are committed to building awareness and knowledge of our employees and suppliers on human rights encouraging them to speak up, without retribution, about any concerns they may have.

Our approach to receipt of and response to grievance is continually changing.